Main areas of the EUROMASC consultancy activities are…

  • EU projects under the umbrella of Erasmus+ (previously the Leonardo da Vinci Life Long Learning Projects), primarily at the post-secondary/tertiary level (EQF levels 4-7) – often exemplified as Mester/Meister/Maitre/Master of Skilled Craft and other short cycle higher education (SCHE) themes
  • Mobility measures relating to VET and corresponding sectors,
    • Europass and transparency questions
    • ECVET and EQF initiatives across Europe
    • Quality in mobility actions / Best practices
    • ESCO – European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations
  • EU Commission Thematic Monitoring Groups
    • Skills in companies
    • Transparency, ECVET and validation and accreditation of skills and competences
    • New skills for new jobs
  • CEDEFOP activities targeting EQF, ECVET and permeability between strands of education and training
  • EEA Financial Mechanisms (”Norwegian structural funds” for new EU member states) – VET and development of human resources
  • UNESCO/UNEVOC actions, networks and initiatives
  • Multilateral monitoring and management of projects