Our services

Project proposals

At EUROMASC, we offer comprehensive support in drafting project proposals tailored for European initiatives. We will help you deciphering the intricate requirements and guidelines established by European funding bodies. Our approach integrates innovative concepts, thorough research, and strategic planning to ensure the alignment of proposals with the specific needs of European projects. Through attention to detail and a dedication to quality, EUROMASC enhances the competitiveness of your project proposals, increasing the likelihood of securing essential funding and support.


Skillsbank is a versatile web-based toolkit designed to enhance career guidance, recognize prior learning, and facilitate individualized training support. Built on principles derived from the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and the European Qualification Framework (EQF), Skillsbank streamlines the aggregation of learning outcomes into qualifications, fostering personalized career pathways leading to formalized certificates. Its multilingual interface ensures accessibility across diverse international contexts. Notable features include a tool for crafting learning outcomes aligned with ECVET standards, a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment module allowing self-assessment and external validation, and seamless integration with the Canvas MOOC platform for online course provision. Skillsbank empowers users to navigate their professional development journeys effectively while promoting the recognition and utilization of their existing skills and competencies.

Project partner

EUROMASC is recognized for its valuable contributions as a project partner, fortified by extensive experience collaborating on European endeavors. Our team possesses a solid track record of successful engagements across diverse sectors and frameworks within the European context.  With EUROMASC as your partner, you gain access to a wealth of expertise, resources, and a steadfast commitment to achieving mutual objectives.

Quality assurance

EUROMASC offers comprehensive support to European projects by providing robust quality assurance and quality control measures. With a keen understanding of the intricate requirements and standards, EUROMASC ensures that projects adhere to the highest levels of quality throughout their lifecycle. Through meticulous quality control processes, EUROMASC monitors project activities, deliverables, and outcomes, ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and stakeholder expectations. By leveraging our expertise in quality management practices, EUROMASC empowers clients to navigate challenges with confidence, ultimately enhancing the success and impact of their European initiatives.