Crafts training as a second chance – Chance it! / Занаятчийското обучение като втори шанс – Chance it!

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European Economic Area (EEA) Financial Mechanism (FM) NGO programme Bulgaria (2014-2016) BG,  NO

The Fabric Association (The Fabric Regional Cultural Resource Center) ( ) (2014-BG05/1141)

Project aims and objectives:

The project aims at transfer of Norwegian expertise, experience and know-how within the activities of the project, presented by The FabriC association, aimed at increasing involvement of NGOs in policy and decision-making processes with local, regional and national government with respect to fighting youth unemployment through introducing crafts (apprenticeship) training to young people at risk of social exclusion.

–  Create a draft of Guidelines for pilot intruduction of the dual system of craft training in the region as a second chance for youth vulnerable groups

–  Establishing contacts with respective Norwegian institutions/organizations active in the sphere/s of the present project;

–  Presentation of the Skillsbank project and training of the Bulgarian experts to use the Skillsbank tool (project funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programme, aiming to provide a coherent way of describing and identifying VET qualifications, building on ECVET and the ESCO work on skills, competences, qualifications and occupations)