Effective training tools application to qualification improvement in library sector

(www.lnb.lv )

Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project (2012-2015) LV, LT, NO, SE

Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka (www.lnb.lv ) (2012-1-LV1-LEO05-03414)

Application summary (modified):

The project is based on the analysis of the target group surveyed by education coalition I Fortum and several reasons as changed role of librarian in forming information society, increased demands for qualifications of librarians, necessity to work more productive, lack of ICT skills especially for employees above 50+, lack of cooperation and information in transfer of best experience, new technologies and environment at the new library building in Latvia, development of ICT and innovative training methods etc. All mentioned make a link to national long term strategic planning document “The guidelines of state policy in culture 2006-2015” where one of the main strategic targets is “to develop the management of culture based on knowledge and ICT and promote the management of culture based on results”.

The main aim of the project is to develop training opportunities for project target groups – librarians and ICT specialists of libraries increasing their qualification and promoting the cooperation between different stakeholders in making qualifications for library employees more responsive to the needs of the labour market and innovation in ICT and training methods. A qualification specification using ECVET and EQF principles will be tested. It should be pointed out that libraries contain the wealth of knowledge of citizens and provide development of education and training therefore it is double as much necessary to increase their skills and competencies for better knowledge welfare and access. Besides 87% of respondents in mentioned survey think that libraries will develop in future – it means new knowledge and competencies will be required.

The consortium represents Nordic/Baltic dimension and consists of National Libraries of Latvia and Lithuania who will transfer best practice regarding the knowledge of LIS and ICT in library management from Sweden and Norway. New knowledge will be adapted to the needs of target groups in Latvia and Lithuania combining with the newest developments in ICT field and training approach – e-learning environment in Moodle will de developed and wider part of target group, especially from regions of both countries, will have access to lifelong learning.Training courses for librarians and ICT specialists, training material for librarians and ICT specialists, training methodology for trainers, all – with evaluation, established and developed learning management system, developed e-learning courses based on improvements and inserted in Moodle and education material for administrative staff at libraries and universities will be the main tangible outcomes of the project.The trainers training will serve as main short term impact (they will provide training after the project essential for implementation of results in practice). At the same time learning management system in Moodle and e-learning courses will provide sustainability of the developed products. The changes in national legislation regarding the recognition of non-formal training to EQF level will be the long term impact of the project.