Enhance technological skills of VET students and their teachers about using digital tools in energy management

(http://www.energyducation.eu )

CIFP Usurbil LHII (www.lhusurbil.eus ): 2018-1-ES01-KA202-050327

Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership (2018-2020) ES, DE, NL, NO, SE

The new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, robotics, and smart connected objects open new horizons for industry and the energy markets. The experiences of the VET partners involved in the projects points to the fact that the VET providers have to get in line with the new technical competencies required by the smart energy sector and in specifically of energy management. Furthermore, all schools wish to follow the EU recommendations to implement ECVET principles to enhance student mobilities.

ACTIVITIES in the project are:

•           Training VET teachers/providers in ECVET principles

•           Partners will work collaboratively together to deliver the content of the Toolkit

•           Partner will learn how to use and implement the training tools in MOOC courses

•           VET providers will undertake a piloting with their students and implement student projects

•           VET providers will organize a student competition among participating VET students

•           Partner will deliver a Handbook for supporting the didactical approach of the student project, which are based on project based learning methodology.

Output 1: ECVET Online Training guide for VET teachers: The didactical implementation of the ECVET based qualification requirements into an e-based training programme

Output 2: Toolkit on “Smart energy management” for VET students

Output 3: EU VET competition on innovative solutions for enhancing energy efficiency

Output 4: VET Teacher’s Handbook on implementation of Project based learning (PBL) methodologies based on ECVET principles

Another topic to be addressed by the project is energy efficiency. During the project, VET teachers and student will face a specific energy efficiency challenge of their school that has to be solved in order to reduce the energy consumption.