Entries by Pietro Hovde Olson-Binelli



ACE-EX project aims to create a multidisciplinary profession: the “EXpert at applying Circular Economy processes in Agriculture”. It will support the agriculture sector (focusing on wine, oil and cereals) in the transition to the circular economy; upskill professionals working in the sector in the reuse of agricultural waste and surplus; and support workers in developing professional skills that enhance individuals employability and are highly beneficial for agricultural firms, and a lot more.

ACE-EX involves 19 consortium members from 9 EU countries, representing more than 200.000 agriculture firms Europe Wide.



Heritage gardens encapsulate so much of the natural and cultural capital that sustains us during a time of crisis: tranquillity, beauty, productivity and biodiversity. These values require a huge amount of knowledge and skill. But both are in increasingly short supply. CSGC aims to address this problem by finding best practice in the various fields of Garden Conservation and sharing it among the partners and via the diverse bodies of Vocational Education and Training as well as professional horticultural associations.



The MOMDIG project aims to develop a comprehensive training course with the objective of mapping and developing the non-formal, informal, and formally acquired skills, knowledge and competences among stay-at-homemigrant mothers. This approach aims to strengthen their employability and facilitate their entry into the labor marketwithout requiring extensive re-education. In addition, the methodology has the potential to reduce the average length oftime of re-entry into the labor market after childbirth.



LOST2 project is a development of a previous project called LOST, which aimed to address the issue of missing people in Europe by providing specific training and technical support to professionals working on such cases. The LOST project identified the need for an international/European system for the research of missing people and the lack of a clear qualification framework for professionals working in this area.



The main focus of the BEM (Beyond Europe with Micro-credentials) project is on the transfer of experiences from the ECVET to the development of micro-credentials. The objective is for these to be reflected in non-EU member states and to be adapted to the respective situation on the ground. The project launched on 1 January 2023 and will run for a term of three years.



BeWell is a project to promote the upskilling and reskilling of the European health workforce

Over the next four years (2022-2026) we will develop a green and digital skills strategy for the health ecosystem that can be implemented at a local, regional, national, and ultimately at the European level through the Pact for Skills.